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Rossglass Haylage Limited is owned and run by John Gill and Iain McMordie. All our haylage is grown and produced on our farms using our own equipment, with a contractor employed to bale the grass.

In 2006 we established specially selected ryegrasses for haylage production as part of an arable rotation with cereals.  We linked with Ed Howard of EH Haylage Ltd in Norfolk to provide the production expertise and marketing skills.

We invested in the necessary machinery and learnt the method of production which Ed has used to produce what his customers call "some of the best haylage in the country". Ed has been making haylage for 30 years and we hoped to use his knowledge to start making quality haylage from day one. Only quality haylage will be marketed, any material not suitable will be sold as silage.

All our haylage is made in big bales to allow us to produce larger quantities when the weather is right.  When we get an order we open the bales to check quality before tightly compressing into convenient 20kg (approx) bags and palletise for despatch. To help us pack the orders we now use a robot to build bags on pallets ready for despatch, it handles each bag gently and builds pallets higher if necessary. (you tube "eh haylage")

The good weather in 2014 has meant feed quality is excellent although we still have sufficient stocks of very good quality from 2013 and this year we also have some hay in 6' big square bales.

We despatch haylage to all parts of Ireland, Cork to Antrim, Donegal to Wexford and anywhere between.

Customers range from leisure horses to racehorses and showjumpers. The convenient size bags are perfect for miniature horses - see link to Shalom Stud. We are currently investigating export markets and extending our stockist's list. We have exported EH Haylage for a customer to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and received positive feedback on the horses fed on it.

These are actual comments from customers when we have spoken to them on the phone or through emails:-

"it must be addictive, my horse won't eat hay now"

"it's some of the best haylage I've ever had"

"your service has been great, I tell everyone about EH Haylage"

"where can I get more, my horse is grumpy now I've run out"

"I have to admit it, your haylage is excellent. I tried giving my horse a bale of your competitors recently and was  amazed to find he rejected it, I need more EH Haylage"

"you have the best Haylage in Ireland"

"I sell my own haylage but have run out, customers told me - the only one to get was EH Haylage"

"I fed some mares with laminitis and chronic sore feet and could see an improvement"

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